Frequently Ask Questions

Frequently Asked Questions 2020-07-24T02:18:24+00:00
Where is UROIC located? 2020-01-08T04:34:55+00:00

We are near Manila Med and Emilio Aguinaldo College; just a few steps from UN LRT Station

What is UROIC’s core business? 2020-01-09T01:43:14+00:00

We provide highly efficient and flexible onsite clinical staff, also available for night shift:

a. Nurses

b. Medical Technologist

c. Radiologist Technologist

d. Physicians

Do you accept walk-ins? 2020-01-08T04:32:04+00:00

For individuals, yes, we do.

Can you facilitate our company’s Annual Physical Examinations (A.P.E.s)? 2020-01-08T04:30:49+00:00

Yes, we facilitate onsite A.P.E.s.  If your HMO provider is MediCard, your Human Resources may set a schedule though your Account Officer. We also facilitate A.P.E.s of SMEs and companies under other HMOs.

Up to how many employees can we book for an onsite A.P.E.? 2020-01-08T04:38:57+00:00

We can cater up to 250 employees in a day since we can adjust the number of onsite clinical staff.

How can I receive the results of my A.P.E.? 2020-01-08T04:41:39+00:00

We send the results directly to your company.

How do I properly collect a urine sample? 2020-01-08T04:45:07+00:00

a. Wash and dry your hands before and after collection.

b. Wash your urogenital area with a towelette or napkin.

c. Pass a small amount of urine into the toilet and midways through an empty sterile container up to half or two-thirds.

d. Submit the sample to the laboratory as soon as possible.

How soon can I submit a urine sample if I have my menstruation? 2020-01-08T04:47:44+00:00

5 days after your menstruation ends

How do I properly collect a stool sample? 2020-01-08T04:50:09+00:00

a. Use a wide-mouthed container, labeled with name, control number and date/time of collection.

b. Sample should not be contaminated with toilet paper, water, urine or other materials.

c. Unlabeled and leaking container cannot be accepted.

d. Collect parts of your stool which contains pus, mucous or blood. A small amount (pea/thumb size) is enough.

e. If your stools are loose, pass directly into the container.

f. Submit the sample to the laboratory within 3 hours after collection.

Who are eligible for a pap smear? 2020-01-08T04:51:52+00:00

This intended for females 35 years old, or otherwise specified by the company, or if requested by a physician

When is the best time to have this test? 2020-01-08T04:53:50+00:00

The best time is to have it in the middle of your menstrual cycle. Schedule the test 7 days after your menstruation ended.

How else can I prepare before my pap smear test? 2020-01-08T04:55:50+00:00

a. Abstain from sexual intercourse 72 hours before the test.

b. Avoid douches, vaginal contraceptives (tampon, vaginal cream, BC foam or jellies) and vaginal medication 72 hours before the test.

Do I need to fast before a blood test? 2020-01-08T04:57:06+00:00

Yes, if you are availing yourself of the Fasting Blood Sugar (FBS) test.

How long should I fast? 2020-01-08T04:59:06+00:00

8-10 hours overnight fasting is ideal (you must not eat or drink the night before)

I work the night shift so what if I cannot achieve overnight fasting? 2020-01-08T05:01:18+00:00

3-4 hours bed rest is encouraged prior to blood extraction

What are not allowed during fasting? 2020-01-08T05:03:15+00:00

a. No solid food including chewing gums, candies and medications

b. No liquid such as water, alcohol, caffeinated beverages

c. No cigarette smoking

In which blood tests am I not required to fast? 2020-01-08T05:05:08+00:00

CBC, Lipid Profile, Uric Acid, BUN, Liver Function Tests

Is a hematoma or bruising normal after a blood sample has been taken from me? 2020-01-08T05:07:19+00:00

For patients who experience this, apply necessary pressure to the affected area for 5-10 minutes and apply cold packs within the first 24 hours, followed by a warm compress for the next few days (if bruising is persistent).

Who is eligible for ECG? 2020-01-08T05:08:59+00:00

This examination is intended for both males and females 35 years old or older, or if prescribed by a physician.

How do I prepare for an ECG? 2020-01-08T05:10:45+00:00

a. Do not apply lotion, oil or powder on your chest.

b. Remove metals or jewelry from the body.

How do I prepare for a chest X-ray? 2020-01-08T05:13:36+00:00

a. Remove double clothing and jewelry from the upper body.

b. For females, please inform the radiologist technologist if you suspect you’re pregnant.