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URO Industrial Clinic, Inc. which is based in Ermita, Manila, is a multi-diagnostic clinic engaged in providing Primary Care, Preventive Health Care, Diagnostic and Laboratory services. Started by Dr. Nicanor D. Montoya, its first main clients were the various corporate clinics that the founder was running as a Company physician even before the era of Health Maintenance Organizations. It managed the staffing and administration of clinic services of various companies such as Scott Philippines, Republic Flour Mills, and Aircon Inc. to name a few.

Later, as the country began to send overseas workers to work in the Middle East, it evolved to become a diagnostic screening clinic for overseas workers. It became a member of the Association of Medical Clinics for Overseas Workers and MARINA focused on comprehensive and accurate screening of health conditions of workers for deployment overseas including cruise ships and merchant’s vessels.

Currently today, the clinic is focused on providing Preventive Health Care services as it does Annual Physical Examinations on-site for various companies under MediCard. With its 6 (six) Mobile clinics, all equipped with X-ray machines. It fields complete teams of medical professionals who perform comprehensive Annual Physical Exam of the employees which includes complete blood count, serum chemistry, urinalysis, fecalysis, Chest X-ray, electrocardiogram, pap smear, and doctor’s medical examination all within company premises. Comprehensive individual results are released after one week which gives details on the medical findings of the patients and the recommended treatment plans individually and also includes a report for the company that summarizes the number of employees who availed of the service and the most common medical problems encountered by the group.

Aside from on-site APE services, the clinic is also opened to receive patients for Primary Care and Preventive Health Care at its main office in Ermita, next to the Medical Center Manila. Open from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM daily Mondays to Friday.


To be the best in providing quality as well as
 compassionate and holistic healthcare services
in the Filipino society

To deliver excellent preventive healthcare through
 caring with efficient and highly competent professionals
utilizing innovative technologies and systems

And also to provide affordable, quality, and comprehensive
standard healthcare and promote the well-being of the society
that we serve